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Lovable and a little prickly

JoJo's room was the first room that we finished this week. Fairly simple since we had half of what we needed to get it done. I didn't want anything super cutesy, and most importantly, we didn't want to spend too much money on a nursery that she is quickly growing out of. Besides, it's more fun when kids can pick their themes and let their personality shine.

I absolutely loved the paint color we chose for her nursery at Tanglewood so I kept the same color. If you are looking a for a pink but something subtle, go with Sherwin Williams Intimate White every time! It's the perfect blush. The floors upstairs are a laminate so we definitely needed a rug. I got a steal on a beautiful traditional rug for only $150! It's soft, super cute and the darker pink works great with the wall color for a bit more contrast. The dresser, I got on Wayfair for $150 and as much as I've purchased, this was one of the first things I've gotten and haven't been pleased with. It's not the best quality, but for $150, it's something that can be replaced when she's in preschool. The crib and swivel chair were from Lottie's baby nursery. They have gotten lots of wear but work for what we need. The room is so much larger than our last space, so we were able to use some toy cubbies from our old playroom in here. She loves having toys in her room and I love that we now have that option!

I had a hard time with the decor for our Joanna. I kept going to florals and wanted so badly to do a floral wallpaper BUT Joanna is just not a girly girl. Don't get me wrong, she loves flowers and dirt for that matter. Anytime we go outside she's pulling something out of the ground - worms and bugs included (ha)! I considered doing a bunny theme because she's extremely curious and into EVERYTHING, but I figured that was way too cutesy. We settled with Llamas and Cactus and it couldn't be more perfect for her!

If you don't know our family or followed me throughout Joanna's first year it has been an adventure! You can say she's definitely a little prickly. At times, I didn't know if there was truly a light at the end of the tunnel. A baby dealing with colic can make everyone a little nutty. We would attempt to take car rides to help with all the crying but it was made worse because of course Joanna didn't like her carseat. That didn't get better until she was almost six months old! Now, she's a fabulous car rider (thank you Jesus)! She was a very picky food eater until she was 10 months and now she eats way more than her older sister. She didn't start sleeping through the night until about a month ago and to this day, she has to have mommy put her down at night. "No" is one of her most used words and her feistiness when she says it is hysterical. I think hardheads run in our family (because of her daddy, of course). Prickly cactus were perfect!

In the same breath, I can say Joanna is the most lovable child. She's has been the best snuggle bug since Day 1. She'll play hard and always come in for a sweet hug or kiss. She wants to wave at all the people all the time, even passing cars as we walk through the neighborhood. Her best friend is Rivers. We can usually find her snuggled up with him in his big dog bed while sucking her thumb. She is starting to mimic her big sister and mommy and loves to help clean the house and take care of her baby dolls. And at the end of the day when daddy walks through the door, you would think she hasn't seen him in days. Screaming "dada" and running to give him a hug is the best! Lovable llamas were a great complement to her nursery.

Design Tip: Paint is always the most important thing when starting a room makeover. It can make or break a space. For a nursery less is more! Something inspirational, a couple of pictures and simple decor will do the trick!

~Ignore the sheep ottoman- we will use that until the swivel moves out (HA!)

~New lamp I'm eyeing:

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