Our secret exposed!

August 22, 2016

I told myself I would be more diligent when it came to blogging, and it looks like I've fallen off track yet again! OK, so I've had a pretty good excuse. For those of you still late to the party, a baby is on the way! 


You can never fully prepare yourself for pregnancy and all the emotions that follow. For those wondering, despite some morning sickness and extreme fatigue for about 12 straight weeks, I've been feeling GREAT!


That said, pregnancy - especially for the first time - can be a little strange. Watching your body change and tummy expand, waking up every night to use the bathroom, feeling the first kicks and punches, cravings and aversions, losing control of your bladder (TMI but it's reality!) and dealing with all the hormones (Derek is a saint) takes some getting use to.


Despite all of this, I don't spend time thinking about the things I thought I would. For example, I thought I would be a nervous wreck for 40 weeks. Although I do have concerns and anxieties about certain things (like delivery- who wouldn't??), I find that the joy of becoming a mother outweighs all the scariness. Knowing that God handpicked this sweet little girl for Derek and I in his perfect timing gives me a peace of mind unlike any other. As soon as I get worked up thinking about the future with our baby and what that looks like, I'm reminded to be in this precious moment, enjoying her taking residence within me. How beautiful is that! God's design blows me away, and so does the strength he gives us Mothers. 


The last few months have been filled with so many sweet moments. Falling in love with my husband all over again is at the top of the list. Embracing, laughing, screaming and crying all in a 30-second window when we shared the results of the pregnancy test together. Finding out we were having a baby girl when we were both convinced it was a boy and seeing Derek's demeanor completely change is beyond attractive! That's what little girls do to their daddies, I guess. 


For my amazing clients, I cannot say thank you enough for your patience, sweet emails and support during the first couple of months of this pregnancy. I am working extremely hard to finish up current projects so I can focus on being a family of three at the end of the year. 


I cannot wait to share the rest of this pregnancy journey with all of you! I'll be posting inspiration and a look into our nursery design in the next few days, so check back for more!


Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers! 



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