Summertime Living

April 22, 2016

The warm sunshine has finally decided to stick around in North Carolina and I'm dreaming of all the summertime cookouts that we'll have over the next few months. I can almost smell those shish kabobs on the grill and taste the sweet watermelon! 


If your house is anything like mine, you have unfinished projects. What we talked about doing when we moved in two and half years ago, is still on our "to-do" list. One of those areas being our sunporch. Most homeowners look for an outdoor living area like a sunporch, deck or patio, yet it's the last space we tend to personalize or even use. Let's clean the pollen,  wipe down that furniture that hasn't been used in years and revamp those awesome outdoor spaces!


Here are some simple tips to create a space you and your guests can enjoy this summer:

1. Spend the money on quality furniture that is comfy! We tend to want to keep it cheap when we design an outdoor space, but since you are expanding your living space select furniture that you can enjoy year after year. The sun's rays can quickly deteriorate furniture and unfortunately cushions will fade over time. Replacing cushions is much more economic than replacing an entire furniture set.  


 2. Pillows are an inexpensive option to revamp a space (interior or exterior). When helping this sweet client in MacGregor redo her outdoor living space we added new pillows to her Pottery Barn chairs and sofa. With the bright pillows attracting the attention the faded cushions aren't such an eye sore!

 3. Create a theme. For this sunporch, we designed the space around the Country Cottage theme seen throughout the interior of the home. Traditional wicker furniture, mixed with painted pieces, cottage knick-knacks she had acquired from travels and lots of greenery! 


 4. Don't forget the greenery! Colorful pots, ferns and flowers are the perfect accessory for ANY outdoor space. Look for plants that are appropriate for your space as far as shade and sunlight needed. If you aren't sure, your local greenhouse or nursery will be willing to help.  If you don't have a green thumb, artificial arrangements are just as good. Watch out for the fading though. This space has both artificial and live plants!


Isn't it time to enjoy your outdoor spaces this summer? Maybe you are stumped and need some fresh eyes to help revamp the space. Contact us today to get your space finished by Memorial Day!





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